Best PUBG Whatsapp Group Links 2021-2022

PUBG Whatsapp Group Links are listed here; Join and share these PUBG group links. PUBG is the “Player Unknown Battle Ground” game. PUBG is most trending and playing game in world. It is play by younger in all over the world. It is battle field game. Some people hack the game and won the game. A lot of players are connected to each other on WhatsApp. Where they share the tips to win the game. They can call to each other connected on whatsapp group.

One thing is that, We are not affiliated with PUBG game. PUBG players are friends even girl players are also connected to each other for play game in team. So, if you are looking for pubg girl whatsapp group link then here is also list of pubg group name. You can join any group from the list.

List of PUBG Whatsapp Group Links 2021

PUBG Whatsapp Group LinksPUBG lite is not heavy like PUBG. It is lite version of PUBG. PUBG lite doesn’t required for high RAM and ROM. It can run in all mobile but PUBG required minimum 3GB Ram. So, PUBG lite is not different game. It is same like PUBG but limited features. Check all these PUBG lite Whatsapp Group links.

More Groups are Coming…

Pubg Hack Whatsapp Group

This list is for those players who want to hack during match. So, in these groups you can find hacking tips of PUBG game.

PUBG Pakistan Whatsapp Group Linkspubg pakistan whatsapp group links

  • Tournament PUBG Pakistan>> Link
  • PUBG Lite Pakistan Whatsapp Group>> Link
  • PAKISTAN Legends>> Link
  • King of PUBG>> Link
  • Paki Gamer>> Link
  • Isquad Custom Room>> Link
  • PUBG Rangers>> Link
  • Everyday Tournament PUBG Pakistan>> Link
  • Only PUBG Videos>> Link
  • Pakistan Pubg custom>> Link
  • PUBG mobile tournament Pakistan>> Link
  • Legend Bros>> Link
  • PUbg Account>> Link
  • Pro PUBG Players>> Link
  • Pubg Cheapest Account>> Link
  • Elite of Gladiators>> Link
  • Pubg Tournaments>> Link
  • Game Master>> Link
  • Pubg Pro Girls>> Link
  • MX Pubg Account>> Link
  • Pubg Account Seller>> Link

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PUBG Whatsapp Group Links India


Before joining the pubg group name. Please keep in mind all rules.

  1. If you are Pubg game lover then you can join this group
  2. You can not spamming in the group
  3. Don’t share illegal information
  4. You can chat only related to PUBG topics
  5. Give respect, have respect
  6. In the group, you can not promote any product and other business
  7. Share the PUBG tricks and hacking technique
  8. Fighting among members will cause to kick off
  9. Not allowed to change icon
  10. Dealing is illegal in the group

Final Words

Hopefully, you have enjoy from these group names. If you think that there is a missing any thing. Then you can tell us in comment section. Also, you can contact us on our contact page. We try to provide best services. From these all, group links are updated though, no one link is broken. All groups are running properly. Thanks for reading this article. Bookmark our website for daily visit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is PUBG Game?

PUBG is online battle field game. It is play in a team. Different team plays game and shoot their enemy. It is most playing game in the world. It is trending now.

  1. How to Hack PUBG Mobile Game?

Learn how to hack PUBG mobile. For this purpose, you can learn a lot from here. Just click on this link for hack a game. By hack game you can won the game without any difficulty.

  1. How to Join the PUBG WhatsApp Group?

  • Just pick up a group
  • Now click on the link
  • Click “join” to enter in group

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